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Welcome to Help Me Grow Solano!


Help Me Grow Solano is an information and referral system that provides parents with children birth to five years the knowledge and resources you need to make a difference in your child's life.

A Help Me Grow Family Navigator will assist you by listening to your concerns, assess your child’s and family’s needs, and provide you with information and referrals to appropriate resources.

Some of those referrals may be: 

  • A developmental screening to track your child’s development.  Help Me Grow uses the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ).  This is a tool used by many pediatricians.
  • To community resources, such as early intervention agencies, family therapy, parenting classes, speech, occupational, or physical therapy.
  • For basic needs and family support services (food banks, financial services, shelters, health and wellness, legal assistance, and more).
  • Developmental Activities for you to do at home to enhance your child’s developmental progress.
  • For information on general child development and parenting topics.

By calling the Help Me Grow Solano toll free number 844-501-KIDS (5437) or using the online connection link, parents, child care providers, early educators, and health care providers have a point of access to services for all young children who live in Solano County.

Help Me Grow Solano is funded by First Five Solano, and a partnership of public and private agencies and programs to support children and families with the following resources:

  • Basic Needs
  • Physical/Mental Development
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Parenting
  • Childcare
  • Healthcare
  • Family Support
  • Support for Families with Children with Special Needs

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